Vintage And Solar Make A Charming Pair

Unless you’re set on making a vintage statement with some tiki torches and lawn ornaments, there’s a classy and eco-friendly way to light up your backyard – with Mason Jar Solar Lights. Diverging from the modern look and all-new materials of most outdoor solar lighting, these lamps take solar technology and give it a vintage spin using glass Mason jars reclaimed after years of storing yummy jams, or so we’re choosing to believe.

Iowa-based Etsy seller, TreasureAgain, designed these unique solar lids to look similar enough to the original Mason jar lids to keep the charm, and offers a multitude of designs and combinations so you can purchase just the lids and get the satisfaction of a DIY project by scouring your attic or local thrift store for the perfect jars, or you can purchase the already-done-for-you Mason jar chandelier.

Mason Jar Solar Lights

image via TreasureAgain

The technology is simple – the stainless steel lid has a solar panel inside that gets charged during the day and powers the LED light to add ambiance and light to your yard, patio, or campsite. As you’d guess, the more sunlight you expose the lids to, the longer the bulb will shine. While we think they are pretty enough for a dining table or windowsill, the jar lids need full sunlight to adequately charge, so they’re best suited for outdoor use. Instead of buying disposable décor year after year, we love that these lights are both pretty to look at and are made to recharge and last years, not just one season.

Etsy is no stranger to eco-friendly design. Founded as a handmade item marketplace, with a growing vintage category and over 100,000 search results for “sustainable,” the crafty community represents some major experts in reuse. We love that these solar lights combine a bit of green tech with the prettier side of things. The rising DIY and crafting trend has been hard to miss in the past few years, and communities like Etsy also satisfy a desire for transparency for consumers to know where they’re purchase is coming from and how it was made. Luckily, for those of us who love the handmade look, but lack the crafty gene, we can leave it to Etsy sellers to do the crafting and find satisfaction in supporting small business.

Angeli Duffin is a Midwest transplant currently living in San Francisco, CA. Kicking off her career doing product design and development with Fair Trade artisans around the world, she then moved on to the editorial side, writing for eBay’s Green Team blog and working as a marketing consultant for social and environmentally minded companies


  • Reply January 11, 2012

    Shakir Raja

    how much time the lights are on when fully charged batteries..not enough details sorry

    • Reply January 20, 2012


      The length of time the lights shine at night depends on the amount sunlight they get during the day. After a bright and sunny day in the summer, when the lights are in FULL sunshine all day long, they will stay on most of the night. nThey are like with most solar lights. The length of time they shine depends on where they are placed in the garden, the time of year, if there is something overhead or if the lights are setting in the shadows caused by a house or building, etc…

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