Relief For Penn Station Travelers In Sight?

Development moves forward on New York City’s Moynihan Station as AECOM, a global design, engineering and planning firm was awarded a $19 million contract by the Moynihan Station Development Corporation and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to manage development on the first phase of the project. A plan over 20 years in the works, the project is meant to alleviate Penn Station’s congestion and expand the Northeast Corridor by turning the Farley Post Office building into an intercity rail hub connected with Penn Station.

With over 640,000 people passing through each day, Penn Station is the busiest terminal in the nation, and badly in need of relief, which is exactly what Moynihan Station is designed to provide to those taking public transportation. Phase one of the project will give people access to Amtrak, New Jersey Transit and Long Island Rail Road Trains through the current Farley Post Office, which will alleviate congestion problems and allow the rail systems to expand service and increase ridership.

Moynihan Station at Farley Post Office

image via Moynihan Station Development Corporation

Plans for phase one include adding 19 stairways, elevators and escalators from the Farley Post Office down to the train tracks with two additional above ground entrances; improved connections between the Farley Post Office to the 8th Avenue Subway and Penn Station; and access to eight additional tracks not currently served by Penn Station.

Phase one construction will occur mostly at night and on weekends, to be completed by 2016. Upon completion, phase two will focus on creating a grand main train hall at Farley and expanding access even further.

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    This project will not change one switch or add one more foot of platform space underground.nnIt will not help LIRR riders at all.nnThe ONLY thing it will do is add a pretty facade for Amtrak passengers, while dropping most of them farther West from their destination.

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