CES 2012: Wagan Tech Solar Power Generators

Among the plethora of solar power gadgets being unveiled at CES this year are a few solar power generators from Wagan Tech. While you won’t necessarily be using these to power your Kindle, they could serve well in emergency situations where back up power is a must and sunlight is available.

Wagan Tech said its two solar generators – the Solar e Power Cube 1500 and Solar e Power Case 450 – are both what it calls plug and play, meaning there’s little you apparently need to do to get these products to do their jobs. They are self contained, sport a special AGM/Gel Hybrid battery and make use of the company’s power inverters for a simpler, streamlined experience.

image via Wagan Tech

The larger of the two models, the company said, is the 1500 unit. It has a 1500 watt AC inverter and 55 AH battery that can be wheeled into place. The solar panels unfold and slide out to provide a reported 80 watts of solar charging to the onboard battery.

The 450 model, meanwhile, is a more compact unit that features a 450 watt inverter and 26 AH battery that comes in a metal case with a shoulder strap. It has a 40 watt solar panel unit that attaches to the side of the case.

image via Wagan Tech

Both units are designed to handle additional solar panels and batteries for expanded energy needs. They are available now from Wagan Tech, with the Solar e Power Cube 1500 going for around $1200 and the Solar e Power Case 450 topping out around $800.

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