CES 2012: Monster Power Energy Management Tools

A GreenPower Bar – it sounds like a spirulina-laced energy bar you’d chomp down midway through a long run or bike ride to keep you from bonking. But that would be unwise. It’s actually a power conditioning tool, one of a slew of new products introduced by Monster Power at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The HDP950 G+ GreenPower Bar, pictured below, is called an “entry level” power-management solution [PDF], so if you’re a novice at protecting your valuable electronics from power-surge damage and reducing vampire power waste, it might be for you, at a suggest retail price of $199.95. The company’s new HDP 1250G+ PowerCenter ($229.95), meanwhile, is aimed at home theater lovers. It promises “an ideal solution for enjoying the best images and sound from their connected components,” while ensuring both component safety and energy efficiency. It has a microprocessor that monitors power lines for electrical surges, dips and swells and automatically disconnects the PowerCenter and AV equipment from AC power when conditions exceed a safe level, the company says.

greenpower bar, monster power

image via Monster Power

“Many people don’t realize that even while in the standby mode or shut off completely, home entertainment components can use a significant amount of power,” Monster founder Noel Lee says. “Additionally, even during brief power outages, your system can suffer damage, ranging from lost memory settings and data to physical component damage caused by incorrect turn-on sequencing that may occur when utility power is restored.”

Monster also unveiled the Power Control App [PDF], which it says will allow users to remotely monitor and manage home power consumption working with its family of PowerCenter products. The device was created by People Power, an  open-source management cloud services and applications company.

Monster Power PowerCenter

image via Monster Power

“The Monster Power App provides useful information in a format  that’s easy for users to read, and allows users to track valuable power usage dollars by device over time” the company says. “Another key App feature is the ability to schedule control of all connected devices.”

The company is pairing the Power App with a range of PowerCenter products, including the PRT 100M ($59.95), PRT 100MC ($69.95) and PRT 300MC ($119.95, and pictured above). The PowerCenters work in conjunction with Monster’s Gateway  GTW 100 ($59.95) to enable the wireless Power Control App.

Pete Danko is a writer and editor based in Portland, Oregon. His work has appeared in Breaking Energy, National Geographic's Energy Blog, The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle and elsewhere.

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    Very cool. This reminds me a little of Apple’s new hydrogen battery that has been patented recently.

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