CES 2012 Grants Amazon Kindle Super Solar Powers

Among other interesting items we are seeing be announced at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show is this new Amazon Kindle ebook cover from SolarFocus. What’s so eco about an ebook cover you might ask? As the name of the company implies, this accessory for your ebook reader is said to be the world’s first solar e-reader cover (though, interestingly, there’s this little number from LG a few years back also).

The SolarKindle, which was a winner of a CES 2012 Innovation Award, sports a flexible and lightweight solar panel that’s built directly into the cover itself. This panel, according to SolarFocus, is designed to fully charge your Kindle, with charging times varying depending upon the availability and intensity of the light source. A battery built into the cover also can be charged with the panel, offering a back up power solution for the ebook reader for those times when light-based charging isn’t an option.

image via SolarFocus

SolarFocus notes this battery can also be charged via a USB connection as well. A fully charged reserve battery reportedly requires only eight hours of direct sunlight and provides up to 80% of backup power to the Kindle. The battery also powers a built-in LED light designed for reading the electronic book reader when no other lighting source is available.

image via SolarFocus

The leather-like cover, looking at it in the photo above, certainly looks to be large when you consider how small the Kindle is as a device. While it doesn’t necessarily add bulk, the combined Kindle and cover is still together a larger offering for you to tuck into a small bag. That being said, the idea of having a solar way to power your Kindle is very appealing and certainly one we think worthy of a review when these units become available.

And, speaking of availability, there’s no specific word on that or pricing at this time.

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