CES 2012 Gizmo Lets You Spin Power Your Gadgets

CES 2012, like shows in years past, unveils all manner of unusual gadgets sprawled amongst what seems to be endless aisles of clutter during the event’s annual January run. One catching our eye via a pre-show announcement is a device that lets you power your other gadgets in a rather unique, though not necessarily always practical, way.

The nVolutions nVolt is described as a device that charges one’s portable electronics without needing to have them plugged into an electrical outlet. It is said to attach to the bottom of an iPhone, for example, “either by a “skin” specifically designed to fit the particular device” that  holds  the charger securely in place, or by directly adhering to the back of the skin currently being used or the back of the phone itself.

image via nVolutions

So how exactly does this device power the thing it is attached to like some kind of sidekick? nVolutions says its nVolt is “designed to produce the required electrical charge for recharging a device at minimum effort to the user. – They just need  to spin it  – on the nearest flat service or in the palm of the hand  – and keep it spinning if needed.  As long as the rotation continues the device is charging.”

So is the nVolt practical to make use of when trying to power your portable gadgets? We’ll say first we think the idea is admirable, especially when you consider how much energy is eaten through every year feeding our consumer electronics habits. That being said, it is hard to envision one sitting at a table spinning this thing for any length of time to try and generate the energy necessary to power an iPhone. It could have some uses though – perhaps if you are out in the wilderness and have a flat rock to spin it on to power your emergency radio?

No word yet on pricing or availability.

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