CES 2012: Eton FRX Hand Crank Safety Radios

Eton is one of those consumer electronics manufacturers which doesn’t make a lot of flashy noise, but tends to premiere quality products that make use of alternative forms of energy. We already previewed the Rukus solar powered sound system they’ve unveiled at CES 2012, and now bring you word of their new line up of FRX safety radios, some of which will sport special American Red Cross branding.

Three radios belong in this line up of devices that are powered via “hand-turbine” energy, which is a cute way of saying you crank an attached handle to recharge the internal Ni-MH lithium ion battery. Two of the three models – the FRX 3 and FRX 2 – also sport a solar panel for recharging purposes, so when you tire of cranking, and providing there’s good sunlight, you can continue to get juice to the radio to hear emergency news broadcasts, or perhaps the ball game instead.

image via Eton

The most comprehensive of these three units is the FRX 3, which features AM/FM and NOAA weather broadcasts. Power stored in its internal battery can also be used to charge up other small electronics such as one’s mobile phone. It also has built into it a bright LED flashlight, glow-in-the-dark location indicator and a digital alarm.

The FRX 2 looks to be very similar to the FRX 3 in terms of features, being a smaller device by design. The FRX 1, meanwhile, is the most compact of the bunch and lacks the solar panel and direct charging of other mobile devices.

With regards to pricing and availability, the FRX 3 ($60), FRX 2 ($40) and FRX 1 ($25) will all be available in the first quarter of this year in black or red body colors.

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