5 Detroit Auto Show 2012 Green Car Awards

Having grown up in Detroit during its muscle car-era glory days I was taught to revere things like horsepower, displacement, torque and the ability to squeal tires. My dad, who worked for Ford, fed us a steady diet of hopped-up Mustangs, Cougars and and Rancheros while neighbors all around us wrenched on classic GTOs, Chargers and Barracudas.

Times change, of course, and even though I’d still love to stable a vintage Mustang in my garage, writing about electric and alt-fuel vehicles has changed my priorities a bit. Sure, I still value performance metrics and old-time, flat-out speed but these days things such as range, MPG-e, time-to-charge, regenerative braking technologies and battery configuration have become prime considerations when I evaluate an automobile.

Having just spilled millions of pixels writing about the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, I offer this reformed motorhead’s guide to electrics, plug-ins and hybrid rides that have so dominated this year’s big show in the Motor City. Hit each of the images below for more details on that particular green ride and our thoughts on it post-show.

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    At first glance, the Acura NSX does not look like an electric car. Though it looks sleek and futuristic, I would not think that it was powered by a battery. If looks could kill, I am sure that car can turn heads with its looks and the way it does not pollute the environment as much as other sports cars.

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