Tokyo Motor Show Report: Nissan

When it comes to electric vehicles, Nissan grabbed first-mover advantage when its five-door hatchback Leaf was introduced in Japan and the United States in December 2010. Now, with the world’s eyes on the Tokyo Motor Show, the company is taking the wraps off its next generation of electric and hybrid vehicles.

For Tokyo, Nissan plans to highlight three all-electric concept vehicles in addition to the company’s “Smart House of the Future,” which combines solar panels, fuel cells and Nissan Leaf’s batteries to maintain a steady power supply to the home.

nissan concept

image via Nissan

The Pivo 3 is a compact three-seater that Nissan calls the “smart urban commuter EV of the near future.” The Pivo 3 features Nissan’s automated valet parking (AVP) which enables Pivo 3 to automatically drive, locate a parking space and park without driver assistance in the infrastructure-equipped parking lots envisioned for the future. It can also charge itself and return to its driver at the AVP exit when called by smartphone. The PIVO 3 features in-wheel motors and a super-tight turning radius that allows the car to make a U-turn on a road only four meters wide.

The Esflow concept, which debuted at the Geneva Auto Show in March, is being marketed as a “pure EV sports car.” The rear-wheel drive two-seater features two independently controlled midship-mounted electric motors, each driving a rear wheel, allowing the driver to customize vehicle dynamics and handling. Nissan says the ESFLOW will be powered by a lithium-ion power pack that will give the car zero to 60 speed in under five seconds while also allowing a range of up to 150 miles.

The Nissan Townpod concept was unveiled at the Paris Auto Show in 2010 and is pegged, rather mysteriously, as a “cross-genre EV for the freethinking entrepreneur.” The car blends the sleek styling of a coupe but also incorporates cargo space and hauling capabilities with three split doors and a sunroof that opens completely to aid in carrying tall objects.

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