Scientists Go Online For Research Funding

Scientists are taking a cue from burgeoning artists and filmmakers who join crowdfunding websites to help get their projects off the ground.  The #SciFund Challenge is said to be the largest collection of science researchers seeking to raise money online from private donors.

Found on the RocketHub website, #SciFund Challenge members have pages dedicated to attracting funding and support for their research. A total of 49 scientific projects out of 240 that were submitted to the site were approved to post videos and Web pages asking for funding for their projects.

science funding online

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One of those projects is Susan Tsang’s.  A Ph.D. student at the City College of New York and the CUNY Graduate Center, Tsang is seeking funding for a research project focusing on disease transmission of flying fox bats (her project was also recently featured on CUNY website).

The bats, much like livestock and birds can be carriers of diseases like H1N1 but are often overlooked for scientific study. While Tsang has raised some funding on the site, she is still looking for more to finance the sequencing of the bats genes. But with other science projects on the site involving research into zombie fish and exploding duck penises, there is some stiff competition for dollars.

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