NFL’s Patriots Make Big Play For Renewables

Hot on the heels of news announcing that it would be signing a sponsorship deal for a solar power system at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, we’ve received word that NRG – along with its partner The Kraft Group – will be implementing a comprehensive renewable energy supply agreement for Gillette Stadium, home of the NFL New England Patriots and MLS New England Revolution, and the adjacent Patriot Place, the Kraft Group’s shopping, dining and entertainment complex, in Foxborough, Mass.

Under this agreement, NRG will triple the amount of solar power generated at Patriot Place with a custom-designed, 1-megawatt (MW) solar power installation expected to provide up to 60 percent of Patriot Place’s power, reducing carbon emissions by more than 800 metric tons. The system will consist of a combination of standard and translucent solar panels that will partially cover Patriot Place’s outdoor walkways, generating power while providing shade and cover for visitors year round. Additional rooftop panels will kick out more juice, bringing the expected annual output of the new solar power system to 1.1 million kilowatt hours.

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This new 1-MW project comes in addition to an existing 525-kilowatt photovoltaic power system at Patriot Place, creating one of the largest solar power systems at an NFL stadium. Construction of the new system is expected to be complete for the 2012-2013 NFL season.

Another green boon for the complex will arrive in the form of a full-sized wind turbine that, if installed today, would give Patriot Place bragging rights to one of the largest renewable power installations at a major sports venue in the United States.

After providing for the needs of Patriot Place, all additional power generated via these installations will go directly to the 70,000-square-foot Gillette Stadium. More on the agreement is available online.

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    The wind turbine industry is salivating at the public relations potential of 40-story wind turbine at the stadium. It may well backfire, as the truth is that INDUSTRIAL WIND TURBINES DO NOT PROVIDE RENEWABLE ENERGY! Not one coal or gas plant the world over has been decommissioned because of IWTs…and eliminating our dependence on fossil fuels is their raison du2019etre. To quote an expert: u201cBecause wind blows intermittently, electric utilities must either keep their conventional power plants running all the time to make sure the lights donu2019t go dark, or continually ramp up and down the output from conventional coal-or gas-fired generators (called u201ccyclingu201d). But coal-fired and gas-fired generators are designed to run continuously, and if they donu2019t, fuel consumption and emissions generally increase.u201d This is happening worldwide. In Colorado and Texas u2013 Ireland and Denmark – CO2 and power plant pollution have increased since they installed wind farms:n n–cost-of-green-energy-40-higher-than-government-estimatesn are a gift to the coal and gas industries. In fact, you cannot be against fracking and for wind energy because methane is the cogeneration fuel of choice. More wind turbines will require a lot more methane production. The wind industry is built on crony capitalism, it is the only way it can exist. Taxpayer money builds them and power companies are mandated to buy wind generated power at much higher rates than conventionally produced power. There is no true benefit, except to wind power companies, politicians and lobbyists. Some communities that partner with wind developers also profit, but those profits are paid for by surcharges to all other ratepayers and huge taxpayer subsidies.

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    Fairhaven Wind Turbine OmeletnThis Veterans Day contractors were clearing land on the public bike path behind the Fairhaven Waste Water Treatment Plant. The location is where a pitched legal battle has gone on for years by nearby residents. The battle lines appear to be drawn again even while the rest of country observed the holiday the wind turbine contractors march on.nSafety issues took a back seat, no public notice about the construction, lack of a police detail, lack of any signs or permits while earth moving machines used the public bike path to throw trees and rocks hundreds of feet. They say you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet. nRecently the Wind 1 turbine in Falmouth was shut down because it was making 50 residents ill from the human annoyance or harmonic frequency given off by that turbine .The Falmouth residents had been told the same thing : “you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.” Many of the Falmouth residents had been living in their basements to escape the noise. The Falmouth Wind 1 turbine had originally be scheduled to be built in Fairhaven back in 2007 .nAs a musical instrument of war used for sound, the Scottish bag pipes were without equal, according to historians. The shrill and penetrating notes worked well in the roar and din of battle and pipes could be heard at distances up to 10 miles. Israeli police and army are importing and using a nauseating noise machine to avoid casualties among Palestinians. The noise doesn’t kill anyone it just makes them sick as in the case in Falmouth. nThe issues are an existing walking/bike trail, radio tower guide wires, high tension power lines to the existing radio shack, wetlands, marsh and the nearby wood elementary school not to mention the residential homes. The dangers of the turbines are the noise, shadow flicker or a strobe effect in area homes as the sun rises and sets, blade and ice throw and property devaluation around the turbines.nThe Town of Fairhaven voted for these two turbines over five years ago. If the residents had to vote again after the years long court battle over these two turbines and what happened in Falmouth to over fifty residents I think this would have a different outcome. nHow many eggs will they have to break in Fairhaven to make the wind turbine omelet? Those eggs are you and me the Jill and Joe home owners. The state of Massachusetts is in a mad rush to implement green energy policies, the state is creating a second class group of citizens through the poor siting of commercial wind turbines. Stop the turbines.n

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    The Massachusetts Constitution affirms the dignity and equality of all individuals. It forbids the creation of second-class citizens. The state through its semi quasi state agency and the cities and towns along with the agenda of the current governor are creating a second class group of citizens with the poor siting of commercial wind turbines.nThe wind turbine fray is sparking class warfare. Time after time the blue collar section of town after town has been selected to lose their property rights for the good of all the others in town.nWe feel bewildered and betrayed by our own government, which is maliciously trying to steal our land through the poor siting of commercial wind turbines. We have lost our democratic rights and have become second class citizens, facing the theft of our land through regulation. Massachusetts State law forbids the creation of second-class citizensnStop the WESRA, Wind Energy Siting Reform Act ! This is not a reform act but a means to take away your residential property rights . The governor of Massachusetts and the proponents of commercial wind turbines in our backyards are upset that two citizens groups in Fairhaven and Mattapoisett used existing bylaws and zoning regulations from siting commercial wind turbines within 800 feet of our homes ! nThe two turbines that are installed in Falmouth were proposed for Mattapoisett and Fairhaven . nThe MTC , Massachusetts Technology Collaborative was politically embarrassed that they purchased these two Vesta V 82 commercial wind turbines in 2004 and kept them in a warehouse in Texas at $3300.00 a month until they could use stimulus funds in 2009 to re-sell the two turbines that were so old the warranty had run out to the Town of Falmouth .nThe MTC should be held responsible for the poor installation of these two turbines after what the residents of Mattapoisett and Fairhaven put the MTC ,towns and state through !n

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    nnHownmany players will need to be laid off to pay for this foolishness. I am anvictim of wind energy and know that wind and solar are a hoax. I am not at allnimpressed by this announcement. The stadium must have neighbors that will be severelynnegatively affected by this turbine. Even one large industrial wind turbinenwill affect itu2019s neighbors within a mile. u00a0nnn

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    Wind turbines are icons to ignorance and greed.u00a0 What bragging rights?u00a0u00a0Those of Massu00a0Public Officials who authored the laws that mandate the goods and services wind they sell and service—with public funding?u00a0 u00a0

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