Manufacturing Wind Turbines Brings Hundreds of Jobs To Michigan

Editor’s Note: EarthTechling, always looking to forward the discussion on the cleantech revolution, is happy to share this column with you via a cross post courtesy of our partner BlueGreen Alliance.

Two hundred new jobs will be coming to Eaton Rapids, Michigan through building wind turbines. This was the announcement highlighted recently at the event at Dowding Industries/ Astraeus Wind Energy, where the BlueGreen Alliance was joined by Senator Debbie Stabenow as well as business, labor, environmental, civic and investor leaders.

To further emphasize the importance and opportunity in Michigan to create good, green jobs, the event also marked the release of the BlueGreen Apollo Alliance’s Michigan Green Manufacturing Action Plan (GreenMAP) report, which provides a blueprint for growing green manufacturing jobs in Michigan and increasing clean energy in Michigan.

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“It matters where things are made and nobody makes it better than Michigan,” said Senator Stabenow.

Dowding Industries in Michigan has a new machine that is producing the casting for wind turbines better by producing them faster than anywhere in the world, in just four and a half hours – not the standard 30 hours, catalyzing the growth of this clean energy industry and bringing jobs to the state. Now working with URV USA, the parts for wind turbines will be cast just 100 feet away.

As emphasized in our Jobs21! campaign, this is a perfect example of why America needs to invest in clean energy to create jobs that improve the environment, while keeping America competitive in the global economy.

Event host Astraeus Wind is a partnership Dowding Industries and MAG Industrial Automation Systems, build wind energy components. A tour of the facility was conducted immediately following the news conference, showcasing this exciting new machine.

WLNS covering the event, as did WILX and WKAR.

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