Subaru Brings Hybrid To Tokyo Motor Show

According to a recent press release, the theme of Subaru’s exhibit at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show will be, “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind”. And how does the Japanese auto maker propose we achieve this high-minded ideal? A new hybrid concept car, of course!

The Subaru Advanced Tourer Concept (SATC) is a vehicle that the company hopes will build upon its popular Legacy line of sports wagons. The car is getting a bit of a makeover, however, with an all-glass roof and a large monitor built into the steering wheel to allow access to maps, television and Internet services.  Subaru’s crash avoidance/advanced driving assist system, EyeSight, has also been updated, with the recognition range of the stereo camera being expanded considerably, both in width and depth.


image via Subaru

Subaru will use a new downsized, fuel-injected, 1.6 liter turbocharged engine combined with a single motor hybrid system powered by lithium-ion batteries. Although no performance specs have been released, the company says the hybrid will provide plenty of power and pep. The car will run as either battery-only or via battery assist. And yes, the SATC will also employ Subaru’s all-wheel drive system — even in electric-only mode.

In addition, when decelerating, the car’s regenerating mechanism will use the motor as a power generator.

In a statement, Subaru said the SATC’s new power plant will guide Subaru’s engine strategy in the future. “Not only is acceleration quick and smooth with the new-generation Horizontally-Opposed engine, it is environmentally friendly. The direct fuel injection system which injects necessary amounts of fuel into the cylinders at appropriate moments, and a turbo system which efficiently supplies large amounts of air into the cylinders, along with the downsizing of current turbo engine displacements to 1,600 cc drastically improve combustion efficiency at practical driving-speed range compared to the existing turbo engine.”

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