Nissan Giving Away Quick Chargers In Europe

Nissan is helping make it more convenient for Europeans to charge their electric vehicles (EVs) – and making their own EVs more enticing – by giving away 400 quick chargers to EV charging stations. In announcing the move, Nissan said the devices are essential to making EV use more mainstream.

“With a significant number of (quick chargers) available across Europe, EV owners will be able to recharge quickly no matter where they go. We believe this is essential for the mass adoption of EVs,” Pierre Loing, vice president of Nissan’s product planning & zero unit, said in a statement.

Nissan Europe quick chargers

image via Nissan

Nissan said the quick-charging devices it is handing out allow electric vehicle batteries to recharge  in a fraction of the time it normally takes to charge: Using one, the advanced lithium ion batteries in Nissan Leaf can be recharged from zero to 80 percent capacity in just 30 minutes.

Nissan pegs the Leaf’s range at around 100 miles, while the U.S. government officially says it’s 73 miles (and Volt-maker GM suggests it’s often even less than that).  Widespread availability of quick chargers would, of course, allow drivers to more easily travel longer distances in a day. Exact locations for the installations were not provided in the announcement, but Nissan said the quick chargers would begin going in next February, and said it will offer “free or discounted charging” for all Leaf customers for at least one year.

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