MakerBot’s Bre Pettis Talks Project Shellter

By Matthew Van Dusen, Txchnologist

In a judo move on Google’s “Don’t Be Evil” ethos, consumer 3D printing maven MakerBot Industries and its legion of committed makers have set out to do some good by reversing the hermit crab housing shortage through Project Shellter.

image via Txchnologist

Txchnologist visited MakerBot’s Brooklyn headquarters (AKA the BotCave) a couple of weeks ago for a discussion with company co-founder and chief executive Bre Pettis. Pettis talked about the genesis of the idea, the company’s work with project Dr. Katherine V. Bulinski and the challenges of shell making (it turns out that hermit crabs are “right handed” but MakerBot had been printing left-handed shells.)

Editor’s Note: This news feature comes to us as a cross post courtesy of Txchnologist. Author credit for this feature goes to Matthew Van Dusen.

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