LED Xmas Lights Get Elemental Update

Holiday lights have come a long way since those clunky, colored incandescents of yore. Now, Elemental LED is taking the ubiquitous string of LED Christmas lights even further into the future with tinier bulbs mounted on a flexible wire string, allowing lights to blend even more inconspicuously into holiday displays.

This energy efficient lighting option consists of ultra-compact LED bulbs on an ultra-thin, silver or copper-colored wire string. The wire string can be bent in any direction, increasing creative options, and also reflects the light generated by the bulbs for a unique, festive look. Each Celebright kit includes 20 feet of Celebright LED Holiday Lights, a 12 volt adapter and a DC plug, which connects the lights to the adapter. Using 12 volts ensures that these lights remain cool to the touch, making them safe for all indoor applications. Each 20-foot section consumes a miserly 3.6 watts of power.

led xmas lights, elemental led

image via Elemental LED

These LED holiday lights come in multi-color, warm white or blue; Elemental LED suggests blending into indoor trees, wreaths, mantles, centerpieces, displays and other holiday decorations.

Celebright is the first LED product from Elemental LED that is exclusively for holiday lighting, though the company would like you to know that its other products, such as its LED strip lights in red, green, blue, white and color-changing are also popular options for the holidays.

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  • Reply November 3, 2011


    The holidays tend to come with them increased utility use. Not just from heating, but also from numerous festive lighting and decoration projects. These lights are a great way to help cut back on some of that increased energy load, but still celebrate the season. In addition to reducing your utility bill, the reduced heat from the lights should make them safer in the home.

  • Reply November 4, 2011


    They did not state that you could use these outdoors, but ‘regular’ led christmas lights -Do Not use outdoors because the led leads corrode. I have seen many led strings fail because of corrosion. These damn manufacturers lie about of them able to goin wet conditions. Keep led strings indoors only!

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