Green Jobs Can Solve Stagnant Economy, Climate Crisis

By Michael Williams, BlueGreen Alliance

Two major headlines recently:

–       NYT: Report Shows Gain in Jobs, But Growth Still Sluggish

–       AP: Biggest Jump Ever Seen in Global Warming Gases

We’ve got two mammoth problems, a stagnant economy and the climate crisis.

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If only there were a way to tackle these problems in concert. If only we could find a way to ensure a prosperous economy and a stable planet.

Oh, right. We can:

–       ASES: “Tackling climate change will be a major net job creator for the U.S.”

–       E2: “Clean Energy and Climate Policies Lead to Economic Growth in the U.S.”

–       International Brotherhood of Boilermakers: “…The demand for climate solutions will create job opportunities across the economy.”

–       Pew: “Investment in clean energy technologies will generate economic growth and create new jobs…”

–       Oxfam: “Investments in climate change resilience (will)… reduce the impact of natural disasters and drive economic growth.”

And this two-tiered approach has already been proven to work. Investments in the clean economy are already creating jobs:

–       BGA: $93 billion investment in the green economy from the Recovery Act created or saved nearly 1 million jobs.

–       Brookings: The clean economy is currently 2.7 million people deep, and the clean tech segments produced explosive job gains through the recession.

Yet, we are not doing nearly enough for job creation or to fight climate change. We need a much bigger and more dedicated effort to reduce emissions and deploy clean technologies. It will solve both problems.

Now if only our political situation wasn’t such an obstacle…

Editor’s Note: This column comes to us as a cross post courtesy of BlueGreen Alliance. Author credit for the column goes to Michael Williams.

I am the editor-in-chief and founder for EarthTechling. This site is my desire to bring the world of green technology to consumers in a timely and informative matter. Prior to this my previous ventures have included a strong freelance writing career and time spent at Silicon Valley start ups.

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