Got E-waste? California Schools Want It

Got old computer parts, VCRs or other unused electronics lying around the house you’d like to get rid of? If you live in California, safely disposing of your e-waste could be as easy as visiting a local school. As part of the events surrounding America Recycles Day on Nov. 15, California public and private schools are providing the safe removal of electronic waste.

Hundreds of schools throughout the state are participating in the Million Pound E-Waste Challenge, which began on Nov. 5 and runs through Dec. 5. The schools are partnering with Green Electronics Recycling, one of the nation’s leading e-waste solutions providers, to accomplish the task. The company has also pledged to donate $50,000 or more of the proceeds to participating schools.

e-waste collection

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Public and private schools across a number of California cities are participating in the monthlong electronics recycling event in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles,San Bernardino, Riverside, Corona, Fresno, Bakersfield, San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento and Stockton. Some of the drop-off dates for the public have passed, but others haven’t; check out the E-Waste Challenge event calendar for all the details.

A wide variety of items are being accepted for donation, including computers, monitors, laptops, televisions, VCRs, DVD players, cell phones, mp3 players, ink toner cartridges, printers, microwaves, cables and wires, calculators and any small or portable electronics. The event organizers said all of the items will be responsibly processed in North America with a zero-landfill policy.

Kristy Hessman is a writer and native Oregonian who currently resides in California. Before starting her own company, she worked as a reporter covering business and politics for daily newspapers and The Associated Press.

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