GM Korea Introduces First Hybrid

GM Korea has introduced the Alpheon eAssist, the first hybrid vehicle from the company and the first hybrid vehicle in its segment in Korea. The new Alpheon eAssist will go on sale this month.

A lithium-ion battery and a 17.6-kilowatt electric motor-generator assist the car’s 2.4-liter gasoline engine to improve fuel economy. The Alpheon eAssist beat’s the standard Alphoeon on mileage by by 25 percent and puts out 22 percent less CO2 emissions, the company says.  The Alpheon is considered a midsize luxury cruiser in GM Korea’s model lineup; it is essentially a rebranded Buick LaCrosse.

Alpheon eAssist Hybrid

image via GM Korea

Like most hybrids, the car has an “Eco” gauge on the instrument panel that continuously responds to driving behavior, allowing the driver to drive with maximum efficiency. Tires have also been optimized to further maximize fuel efficiency, the company says.

GM Korea is Korea’s third-largest automotive company and represents one of GM’s largest manufacturing, design and technology hubs.  The company was formed after General Motors purchased Daewoo Motors in 2001 following the Asian financial crisis. GM Korea operates five manufacturing plants in Korea as well as an assembly facility in Vietnam. In 2010, GM Korea sold domestically and exported more than 1.84 million vehicles, primarily under the Chevrolet brand. GM Korea produces one out of every four Chevrolets sold worldwide.

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