Energy Upgrades For Motown Buildings

The Motor City will soon get an energy-efficiency makeover at five downtown facilities. The Economic Development Corporation of the city of Detroit recently announced $296,000 in SmartBuildings Detroit grants to carry out the energy-saving upgrades. The grants are expected to leverage another $1.49 million in investments from the building owners and other sources.

The historic Garden Theater is being renovated into a performance, retail and conference center. Developers will use a $100,000 grant to pay for a portion of the cost to outfit the building with energy-saving features. The remodeled facility will have energy-efficient lights, doors and windows,  new roof insulation and a new HVAC system.

detroit energy upgrades

image via Shutterstock

A SmartBuildings grant will also pay for new lighting, an insulated roof, solar panels, insulation, energy efficient doors and windows and a low-flow water and plumbing system for a building currently undergoing rennovations to become a food pantry. New Center Stamping, an automotive supplier, will use a $50,000 grant to pay part of the cost of upgrading 600 light fixtures at its manufacturing plant and office building. Grants will also go to two downtown parking structures to upgrade more than 660 energy-efficient fixtures.

The Economic Development Corporation is continuing to accept applications for the SmartBuildings Detroit Program grants and related Green Fund loans. Improvements that qualify for grants and loans include: insulation and weatherization, glass replacement, Interior and exterior lighting upgrades,  HVAC upgrades, low-flow water and plumbing upgrades and alternative energy generation.

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