Cleantech Group Aims To Shape European Policy

A new cleantech network has formed in the United Kingdom with a mission to become a leading force in lobbying for clean-energy policies in Europe. Cambridge Cleantech launched with more than 300  investors, entrepreneurs and academics gathering recently at Anglia Ruskin University.

Cambridge Cleantech’s goal is to develop Cambridge as a leading cleantech center in Europe and by doing so, help to promote the next wave of the Cambridge hi-tech cluster. At the launch, CEOs from four major cleantech companies where chosen to deliver a “Cleantech Cue” elevator pitch to highlight the various technologies that currently exist in the space.

cambridge cleantech

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Cambridge Carbon Capture, a company that has developed technologies to convert fossil fuels into carbon-free electricity, spoke about its advances. Enval, a company that converts plastic into useable oils and gases, told of its successes in the market along with Green-Tide Turbines, a company which has designed a water turbine that generates electricity from run-of-river or tidal streams. Polysolar was also chosen to speak to attendees about its next-generation photovalatic panels.

By providing a space for debate and discussion of cleantech industries and opportunities, Cambridge Cleantech hopes it can also use its power to lobby government for policy which support the industry. Another one of the organization’s aims is to be a connecting point between higher education and the scientific and research communities.

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