Clean Tech News Briefs November 9, 2011

EarthTechling looks at a lot of interesting clean tech news daily as we consider what items to have our staff write about. Here are some green tech news gems we found while researching online you might consider reading more on in today’s Clean Tech News Briefs.

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Shady solar. Greentech Media discusses the allegations against China for dumping solar panels in the US by Oregon-based solar company SolarWorld, and takes a look at the responses of several solar industry members and President Obama. Tariffs on Chinese-made panels has been suggested, and this article also looks at what a tariff might mean for the economy of solar.

Little wind for a big change. Instead of the massive turbines found at large-scale wind farms, Darryl Jessie hopes that his Saskatoon, Saskatchewan-based company, Raum Energy, can make a difference by implementing small wind turbines for single-household use, says the Globe and Mail.

The not-so-green side of Phoenix. The New York Times takes a look at the real “greenness” of Phoenix, Arizona, where green attributes like solar roofs and electric cars are popular in more affluent areas, but not in others. This piece examines the logistical, political and social problems that come with having green measures in a city.

Uniting clean energy voices. The Advanced Energy Economy is a new organization that seeks to unify clean energy companies into one single business voice, which its founders hope will help the US move forward more easily with its clean energy development. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the organization already has 700 participating companies.

Promoting the Volt. Advertising Age takes a look at the marketing strategies of the Chevy Volt. The EV has been, they report, most successfully marketed when its technical specs are explained, and so Chevrolet has been focusing on technical education in their advertising rather than on the environmentally-friendly aspects of an electric or hybrid vehicle.

Going green in Santa Fe. CNET takes us on a tour of the new green building on the Santa Fe Community College campus, which includes areas for sustainability studies, such as a biofuel research center, as well as green features like a solar-powered cooling system. Check out their photo gallery, too.

Tesla’s new playroom. Tesla Motors, a creator of high-end electric vehicles, opened a new showroom in Seattle recently. The Seattle Times has the story on the new space, where customers are encouraged to play with the multiple touchscreen digital displays to design their dream electric cars.

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