Clean Energy Global Stock Indices Launched

As clean energy becomes a more significant sector in the stock market, financial giants are trying to get on top of the numbers and make sense of the growing phenomenon.

NYSE Euronext and Bloomberg New Energy Finance announced the creation of three new regionally-focused clean energy stock indices that will allow the companies most active in the space to be “tracked in unprecedented detail.”

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“The new indices provide a solid foundation for tracking the regional exposures by domicile for clean energy initiatives while accurately weighting each company’s economic exposure to their respective sector,” said NYSE Euronext’s Managing Director of European indices, George Patterson.

New Energy Finance’s founder and CEO Michael Liebreich noted that while several other clean energy indices have cropped up on the last five years, no existing index provides the adequate details, particularly on international opportunities, that the new indices are intended to provide.

Each of the three indices will follow a collection of 125 to 325 renewable energy companies, all of which have become much more significant players in the market in recent years. They have been named NYSE-BNEF Asia Oceania Clean Energy Index (NBASCEUP), NYSE-BNEF Europe, Middle East and Africa Clean Energy Index (NBEACEUP) and NYSE-BNEF America Clean Energy Index (NBAMCEUP). Over the first ten months of 2011, the three indices have already shown widely varying performance, with the Asia-Oceania index down 33%, the Americas index down 17% and the EMEA index down 14%.

In a joint statement, NYSE Euronext and Bloomberg New Energy Finance noted that the clean energy sector has reached a record $243 billion of new investment in 2010.

“By working with NYSE Euronext, we ensure that our family of indices will generally be tradable and innovative, and serve as extraordinary research tools,” Liebreich said.

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