Building Green For The Future

By Jennifer Wolfe, Planet Forward

THIS WEEK: Wish more of your tax dollars could stay in your pocket? This week Planet Forward spoke with some experts at the US Green Building Council about the potential savings in building more efficient schools!

energy efficient building exhibit,E=BLDGS

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FROM OUR BLOG: Check out USGBC’s statistics on improving schools and universities around the country and how much it can save in this week’s guest blog.

FROM OUR NEWSDESK: We could use the savings too, according to this article submitted by Planet Forward’s Charlie Rybak which says the U.S. is seeing the most expensive natural disasters in history!

FROM OUR PARTNERS: For more from USGBC experts Rachel Gutter and Rick Fedrizzi check out their ideas by going to the COMMIT!Forum group on!

Editor’s Note: This content comes to us as a cross post courtesy of Planet Forward. Author credit for the content goes to Jennifer Wolfe.

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