Break your Bottled Water Habit

Point-of-use drinking water systems are big in Japan and the money saving, green technology is a trend that continues to filter our way.

As America’s water infrastructure continues to age and grow more dilapidated, better and more effective filtration technologies become needed. But it isn’t the multiple layers of filtration that we’ve taken the most liking to nor is it the fact that the closed system of a POU produces the cleanest, healthiest water. It’s the fact that bottleless drinking water systems also save money, energy and oil. Gone are the days when a bottled water delivery service is the only option for providing drinking water to businesses and corporations.

Did you know that only roughly 15 percent of plastic water bottles are actually recycled? Not only does going bottleless save oil and energy, but it also cuts down on the massive waste that all those 5 gallon water jugs creates.

We here at Quench also participate in environmental stewardship programs. In our fifteen years of service we have accounted for the planting of just over four million trees, saved over 200 million gallons of water and prevented over three thousand tons of waste.

By making use of a structure’s built-in water supply, bottleless drinking water systems maximize preexisting resources. The closed-filtration system and ultraviolet sanitization option assures that only the cleanest most hygienic water flows. And our dispensers produce hot, room temperature and cold water with the option of making ice, too. No longer is there a need to store, heft and replace 5 gallon plastic water jugs. Never again does there have to be a fight to see who will eventually replace the empty water jug at work.

So if great-tasting and good-for-you water isn’t enough reason to make the switch to bottleless, helping preserve the environment while saving energy and money certainly should be.

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