An E-Cycle Line For Cops And Crazies

San Francisco-based BRD Motorcycles seems to want to cultivate an outlaw image for their newly released line of electric motorcycles. Their website is peppered with language that might lead one to believe that they play fast and loose with local traffic laws. Their Redshift MX motocross bike is “barely legal,” the Redshift SM street bike can be used for “launching stair gaps and airing out the crests of San Francisco hills.” So what the heck are they doing also selling a police bike? “We created the RedShift PD to keep things fair between law enforcement and the hooligans on our other bikes.” Oh. OK. Got it.

To be sure, BRD radiates confidence, not just about the new line, but about electric motorcycles in general. “BRD wants to make average riders good and good riders great,” they write. “We chose electric because nothing connects your right wrist to the rear tire like an electric motor. The throttle response can be perfect, the torque is endless, and you don’t have to ‘reset’ traction with each gearshift.”

BRD Motorcycles

image via BRD Motorcycles

BRD’s new line includes the Redshift MX (pictured), a motocross bike that BRD calls a “race bike with lights.” The MX has a two-hour range and a top speed of 80 mph. Because of its off-road genes, the MX offers 12 inches of travel on both the front and rear suspensions. The Redshift SM is a supermoto designed for the street, but it still has plenty of racing blood in it. The SM can hit 85 mph and its battery supplies a  50-mile range. Both bikes sell for $15,500

But what about that police bike? The Redline PD package can be attached to either the MX or the SM. BRD says the PD bike includes uprated lighting/electrical, carrying capacity and mil-spec hard luggage and is designed to provide all of the capability of a full dress patrol bike in a lightweight, silent, multi-terrain, maneuverable package ideal for urban and trail applications. The police package ads $2,500 to the BRD base price.


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    Don’t be too hard on these people. The more popular electric vehicles become, the more different kinds of people will be drawn to them.

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    It is toou00a0 bad cops have a way to keep up with these e-bikers.u00a0 Just kidding. The police should have as much fun riding as the riders they are trying to catch.u00a0 Nice twist to the article.For every day e-bikes check out

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