Swiss Post Aims To Deliver Big Carbon Cut

Here in the States, FedEx might be making the news for adding a few hundred electric vehicles and improving fuel efficiencies, but across the pond, the eco mover and shaker when it comes to the mail is Swiss Post, which recently announced that it will install solar power systems on more than 20 of its office buildings, go all-electric with its scooters, convert a number of gas-powered vehicles to biogas, and more.

As part of Switzerland’s largest logistics company’s “pro clima” program, these measures and others are aimed at reducing the organization’s carbon footprint by 15,000 tons over 2010 levels by 2013. Solar power systems are expected to account for nearly 4 percent of the company’s overall electricity use, while the rest of the goal will be reached by replacing existing scooters with electrics as they age, converting 140 gas-powered delivery vehicles to run on biogas, training all Swiss Post drivers in the company’s “Eco Driving” style and adding another 10 hybrid vehicles to the organization’s fleet.

Swiss Post, pro clima program

image via Swiss Post

According to Swiss Post, by simply replacing its scooters with electric models as they age, it will replace all 7,500 of its scooters – used for letter deliveries – by 2016 at the latest. Additional earbon savings are anticipated as a result of training all of its drivers in its Eco Driving style; as a result of having its PostBus drivers trained this way, the company has seen a drop in fuel consumption in this sector of its business by three percent.

Swiss Post, which previously demonstrated its commitment to the environment by increasing energy efficiency in its buildings by 20 percent in recent years, currently offers carbon neutral shipping for customers through its “pro clima – Shipment” label.

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