Super-Efficient Solar Under Way In Jersey

Holmdel Investments in Holmdel, N.J., is making an investment of its own in renewable energy, via a project designed to get more solar bang per square foot with high efficiency solar tiles said to produce 50 percent more electricity than your standard rooftop photovoltaic system, courtesy of Suntuity.

The installation will incorporate SunPower T-5 roof-preserving, fully ballasted roof tiles designed to deliver the highest energy per square foot of roof space, as well as high-efficiency Satcon inverters. Suntuity will also make use of web- and kiosk-based monitoring systems that combine real time system performance and meteorological data to optimize the system’s output. (The system will be monitored onsite as well as remotely from Suntuity’s operations centers.)

Holmdel Investments rooftop solar

image via Suntuity

This 133-kilowatt  DC solar project is expected to offset a sizeable percentage of the building’s onsite consumption, including its peak demand charges (for which electricity customers are usually charged a premium).

Suntuity said the combination of components involved here, along with the design and engineering utilized to optimize the system, will make this commercial roof top solar project one of the highest efficiency installations in the state of New Jersey (no small bragging rights in a state that’s been making headlines recently for its rapid adoption of solar power, especially with rooftop systems).

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