Meeting Revenge Of The Electric Car’s Director

By Thalia Assuras and Ashley Bernardi, energyNow!

It’s not every day the producer gets to sit in the reporter’s seat. But on a sunny afternoon outside Los Angeles, I happened to be the producer and that seat happened to be in a Tesla Roadster. Lucky me! I traveled with energyNOW! anchor Thalia Assuras to the Los Angeles area to interview Chris Paine, director of the new film Revenge of the Electric Car.

Chris was nice enough to take me out for a spin in his Tesla Roadster after Thalia went for a ride. Paine’s eco-friendly home overlooks Los Angeles, and has a garage filled with three electric vehicles: a Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, and the Tesla Roadster. I only rode in the Tesla, but that’s all I needed to experience. The car is sleek, quiet, and as you will see in the video, super fast!

Tesla Roadster

image via Tesla Motors

The New York Times calls Paine’s new film “a slick, enjoyable valentine” to the automotive industry, which is showing more interest in building large numbers of electric cars.

Watch the video segment below:

Also, check out Paine’s 4,300 square-foot Moroccan-themed “Marrakesh House“, which includes design elements that take advantage of California’s temperate climate. LED lighting and rooftop solar panels provide electricity for the house and all Paine’s electric vehicles.

Editor’s Note: This video content comes to us as cross posts courtesy of energyNow! Author credit for the material goes to Thalia Assuras and Ashley Bernardi.

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