Lexus CT 200h Gets A Sporting Touch

Toyota has announced a special edition model of its hybrid Lexus. The company will release a 2012 CT 200h F Sport Special Edition, available for its premium compact model.

The sport edition will combine hybrid vehicle technology with luxury features like 17-inch alloy wheels,  a special suspension with anti-sway bar and springs, trimmed seats and spanky floor mats with blue contrast stitching. The hybrid is said to get 42 miles-per-gallon and retails at a base price of $31,250.

Via Toyota

To get its high  fuel-efficiency rating, the car uses an exhaust gas re-circulation system that captures, cools and repurposes exhaust gasses in the combustion process. The air conditioning and heating can be used without the engine running.

A special exhaust heat-recovery system reduces engine warm-up time, allowing it to disengage earlier. This is said to account for a seven percent  increase in efficiency at low temperatures. The car can also drive at low speeds on electric power alone for short distances. The car was developed with  ecological and recyclable materials and meant to produce fewer CO2 emissions than standard cars.

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