Hyundai Clarifies, Says It Will Make EVs

Korea-based Hyundai recently outlined its plans for future electric vehicle (EV) production. The company said that they plan on releasing a new, compact electric vehicle in the second half of 2015. Additionally, they announced that Kia, which is partially owned by Hyundai, will also release a compact EV in the first half of 2014. The announcements were the key items in Hyundai’s new Green Car Global Leading Strategy.

Hyundai says that previously they’d been concentrating on small-sized EVs. However, due to improvements in battery technology, their projections tell them that larger sized compact cars will be viable.


image via Hyundai

This release seems to contradict statements made at the end of September from Hyundai management which indicated that the company was punting its EV efforts to Kia and instead would concentrate on hybrids and fuel cell cars.

According to a company press release, “Based on accumulated technology know-how earned from the development of small EVs, Hyundai will be able to successfully launch compact-size EVs, aggressively responding to global demands. Hyundai will minimize risk in the ego-friendly market by developing a wide variety of alternative energy-based models and stay prepared ahead of the expanding global green car market.”

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