Consumer Electronics Makers Eye Sustainability

Consumer electronics companies are putting greater importance on sustainability, particularly in the consumer electronic sector. Those are the findings of a new report out from Pike Research.

More companies are seeing sustainability as a measure of corporate success, rather than just a cost of doing business, according to the report. Some of the  largest companies in the consumer electronics industry are even designing sustainability into new products, with more focus being put on raw materials extraction, manufacturing, distribution, use, and end-of-life management.

image via Apple

In compiling their findings, Pike researchers looked at company reports and metrics along with information from market intelligence firms. Their findings showed that companies like IBM, HP, Apple, and Texas Instruments achieved the highest levels of completeness, transparency, and reported results.

Still, they said less than 10 percent of the companies they contacted about sustainability were willing to talk to them about sensitive issues like social and environmental impacts of  mining metal ores or refining of crude oil.

Kristy Hessman is a writer and native Oregonian who currently resides in California. Before starting her own company, she worked as a reporter covering business and politics for daily newspapers and The Associated Press.

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