Clean Tech News Briefs October 27, 2011

EarthTechling looks at a lot of interesting clean tech news daily as we consider what items to have our staff write about. Here are some green tech news gems we found while researching online you might consider reading more on in today’s Clean Tech News Briefs.

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Sports venues embrace green technology. The New York Times takes a look at the eco-friendly projects, including US Green Building Council certification, recycling and composting programs, and solar installations.

Exploring one of the country’s greenest buildings. Ars Technica takes us on a tour of Other World Computing’s Illinois headquarters. The company focuses on reusing and recycling Apple computers and computer parts, and their building features a geothermal-powered HVAC system, air and water filters, and is fully powered by on-site wind turbines, giving it an LEED Platinum certification.

Going solar in South Carolina. The Augusta Chronicle interviews Joanie Schisler about her solar-powered home, which she hopes will inspire a greener future in housing. Her power bill reaches a high of $38 and her home was designed to have a minimal footprint while still being affordable.

Empowering women through clean energy. In an effort to end energy poverty and to empower women, Katherine Lucey began the Solar Sister project, providing women in developing nations with the means to sell solar energy. has the story of this project and one of its participants, Florence from Uganda.

Making use of Kuwait’s other natural resource–the sun. Known for being OPEC’s fifth-largest producer of oil, Kuwait has pledged to generate 10% of its electricity from sustainable sources by 2020, says Bloomberg Businessweek. The plan is to go solar, as Kuwait is known for its scorching sun, and it is hoped that the country’s growing electricity demand can be cleaned up.

The first US wave farm slated for the west coast. Scottish marine energy company Gael Force will be installing the 150 kilowatt SeaLimpet PowerBuoy device off the west coast of the US this year in what will be the first marine energy farm in the country. Recharge has the details and the specs of this power-harnessing device.

Discussing the future of energy. interviews Arun Majumdar, head of the DOE’s Advanced Research Projects Agency for Energy, which provides funding for the development of cutting-edge, high-risk energy technologies. They discuss the technology, the goals and the obstacles of revamping the energy industry in the US.

Recouping after Solyndra. Reuters talks about how California is negotiating the future of clean energy production, in particular solar energy, in the wake of the Solyndra meltdown, and how to keep California and US clean energy industries strong in the face of international competition.

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