An EV Charger In Every Parking Garage?

One of the primary places for urban drivers to park their electric cars as they commute to work will likely be a parking garage. It would be nice if those parking garages full of EVs were also full of charging stations. Such may well be the case soon via a partnership announced between Car Charging Group and Central Parking System/USA Parking System, which operate some 2,200 locations nationwide with 1.1 million parking spaces.

Car Charging Group describes itself as an owner and provider of EV charging stations, and will be looking to install EV charging services at these parking garages that tie into Coulomb Technologies’ ChargePoint Network. No specific numbers were offered up as to how many actual parking facilities owned by Central Parking or USA Parking will be getting charging offerings, but Green Car Reports notes all 2,200 locations could be soon equipped.

image via Shutterstock

Car Charging Group notes that with an estimated 40 million plug-in electric vehicles expected on the roads by 2030 that there is need for what it calls “a comprehensive network of charging stations that delivers easy, convenient access to drivers wherever they live, work and play.” Given that the 2,200 planned locations are but a fraction of the estimated 17,000 parking garages in the U.S., EV charging infrastructure certainly still has a long way to go.

As for what is planned, there was no specific mention of what type of EV charger would be installed. It is noted the chargers are installed at no cost to property owners and managers by Car Charging Group “while retaining ownership, thus allowing their partners to offer their customers, tenants and employees charging services without incurring any outlay of capital.”

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