Solar in the Southern Hemisphere – New Zealand’s Solar House

By Jennifer Wolfe, Planet Forward

THIS WEEK: In this week’s webisode check out the New Zealand team’s neat innovations like the hydronic drying cupboard that can dry 6 bath towels in an hour and a half using…water?

image via Victoria University of Wellington

MORE FROM THE SOLAR DECATHLON: Don’t forget to check out all the other Solar Decathlon teams and let us know what you think.  LIKE your favorite and it could be PF’s next webisode!! We’ll feature the team that got the most likes next month on Nightly Business Report!

STANDINGS: Right now, Team New York is crushing with more than 200 likes! University of Maryland is in a close second with 130 likes. Show your school spirit and help your favorite team get on TV!

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NEXT WEEK: Keep checking in to see what teams are in the lead for the Solar Decathlon!!  Like YOUR favorite team and maybe you’ll see them come out on TOP!

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BEFORE WE LET YOU GO: Feeling nerdy?  Want to make your own solar lamp out of household materials?

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