Nissan Leafs Will Soon Roll On Jordan Roads

Nissan Leaf electric vehicles are likely to appear on roads in Jordan as early as next year, as part of a public-private partnership to bring more renewable energy resources to the Middle East. The Jordan Solar Electric Vehicles Charging Pilot Project kicked off earlier this month and is expected to reduce energy use and create jobs in the region.

Jordan’s Ministry of Environment signed a memorandum of understanding with a consortium of companies, both regional and international, to bring solar energy, advanced batteries and electric vehicles to the country, according to program backers. Jordan officials will work with Nissan to bring in 300 of the Leaf electrics next year. The cars will initially be used  in the public sector, by Amman Municipality, with expansion into other sectors possible if that goes well.

nissan leaf

image via Nissan

The consortium of companies working with Nissan Jordan and Netenergy, a Jordanian startup, include the AllCell and Sun Phocus from the United State’s, Japan’s Nissan and France’s DBT and MATRA. Technical support and collaboration are also coming from the Royal Science Society and Princess Sumaya University for Technology, which will evaluate the project and report on its economic feasibility.

Jordan’s government is working with the consortium to secure funds to develop a charging infrastrucure for the electric vehicles. In addition to creating charging stations with solar photovoltaic panels, the governement is looking to provide access to addtional electric vehicles like bikes, scooters and shared cars throughout the Kingdom of Jordan.

Kristy Hessman is a writer and native Oregonian who currently resides in California. Before starting her own company, she worked as a reporter covering business and politics for daily newspapers and The Associated Press.

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