New Energy Efficient Appliances Showcased By LG

LG Electronics recently launched a new line of smart kitchen appliances that the company says will transform how customers manage their food and their entire kitchens.

An LG spokesman claims the appliances will reduce energy and water usage and save consumers time and energy. The new line of appliances, taking stage at LG’s European roll out, includes a washing machine, a convection oven and robotic vacuum. But the star of the show is the smart fridge. Highlights? We’ve got highlights.

lg fridge

image via LG

The LG fridge allows customers to use an LCD panel on the door or their smartphones to check what food is inside, where it’s located and when it will expire. Another feature allows customers to check, also via smartphone, what’s running low in their fridge while they’re shopping at the local grocery store. It even provides recipe options for what food is left in the fridge. Customers can also use the appliance’s freshness tracker to alert them when when food is about to pass its peak. The smart refrigerator even functions as an infotainment center, with access to digital photo albums, calendar, memos, news reports or an actual PC monitor, and letting customers check their social networking services, watch movies or listen to music via YouTube.

The fridge is smart grid-ready, meaning that once local utility companies begin offering smart grid-compatible, differentiated energy-rate time slots, the refrigerator will automatically readjust its temperature and function settings to take advantage of optimum energy rates every day. In this way, the fridge saves its hardest work for time slots when energy is at its cheapest, delivering significant reductions in utility bills. There’s also a “Night Saving Mode” that reduces energy consumption for up to four hours at night and a “Customize Saving Mode” that cuts back on energy use during periods pre-set by the customer.

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