Green Business: Behind the Scenes

Welcome to the first Green Business: Behind the Scenes column from EarthTechling.

Greetings Fellow EarthTechlings!

I’m Patricia Marchetti, the CEO and one of the co-founders of EarthTechling. I attend green business conferences, technology forums, and assorted events around the United States, where I meet incredible folks working on green technology initiatives.   These people and their organizations are pursuing projects that are changing our world and growing our economy one job at a time.

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This new column will focus on what’s happening with green business, clean tech investing, and the people who move renewable energy projects from concept to reality versus just the technology in action that we normally cover.

I also occasionally plan to share what’s happening behind the scenes here at EarthTechling.  Long ago, we decided to devote our time to the news itself and not a company blog.  But sometimes, we have projects we want to share and this is where we’ll do that.

Since we’re two weeks away from launching Green Earthling Deals, I wanted to answer a few questions about what we’re doing and why.

By now, you’ve probably seen the rotating banner ads urging you to “Keep the Green” and subscribe to Green Earthling Deals.    You might be wondering what the heck is this?  Why now? And why would a news organization like EarthTechling jump in this space?

What is Green Earthling Deals? Starting on October 4, we’ll bring you substantial discounts on green services and products that help you save money and support green businesses.    Most of the companies that we’re going to work with are small; many are too small to work with large couponing sites that will sell thousands of coupons on their behalf which they won’t be able to fulfill.  We are giving these green companies a chance to shine and sell their stuff in small batches that they can handle.

Why should I subscribe to another deals service? Green Earthling Deals will enable you to score great discounts and try new products. Buying these items also helps you “go green” for less than typical retail prices, supports green businesses, and helps EarthTechling continue delivering outstanding green tech news coverage.  (Instead of online subscription fees or pay per article, we’re an advertising supported organization.)

Will green businesses really benefit from Green Earthling Deals? Yes.  It’s bad business (and even worse karma) to erode or financially hurt green businesses.  Believe it or not, our advertisers have been requesting this service as an alternative to banner ads.   The EarthTechling business team put the wheels in motion after we heard this request over and over again.   We’re partnering with each company to ensure that the math works.  Many small companies, organizations, and non-profits don’t have marketing budgets; this is one alternative for them.

Will Green Earthling Deals impact editorial coverage? Absolutely not.   Maintaining the integrity of news coverage is our utmost priority.  Without that, there’s no point in publishing.   This is an alternative to the banner ads or other ad options that continue to remain available.

Why is a news organization launching a green deals service? Green Earthling Deals enables green businesses to spend money only on what they’ve sold and encourages readers to try new products, services, and websites that may have previously been unknown or out of reach financially.

The bottom line: Green Earthling Deals benefits our readers & green businesses. It also keeps EarthTechling’s team reporting on awesome developments in green tech.  Seems like a win-win-win idea to us.

You can learn about deals as they’re available in several ways:

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Thanks you for choosing to get your green technology news from EarthTechling. We sincerely and utterly appreciate the chance to geek out with over 180,000 readers per month located in 210 countries and territories.  Every day, we do what we love and it’s hard not to feel optimistic about our economy and the world in the midst of such innovation.

Patricia Marchetti
CEO and Co-Founder

Articles appearing under this byline come from a news syndication network or related service EarthTechling editors curate for relevant stories for our readers. They may also be articles submitted to us for publication by others we feel could offer value.

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