Geothermal Giant Iceland Advises Lithuana

When the leaders of Iceland and Lithuania get together sparks usually fly. This was recently the case when Iceland’s Prime Minister Johanna Sigursdottir met with Lithuania’s President Dalia Grybauskaitė to discuss energy policy.

Meeting in Iceland, the two leaders visited the Hellisheidi geothermal power plant, which is the second-largest plant of this type in the world. Lithuania was seeking information on how a small country can exploit its natural resources and implement ambitious energy projects. Iceland has one of the world’s most ambitious geothermal energy producing industries in the world.



image via government of Lithuania

According to President Grybauskaitė, Lithuania also has resources for the development of geothermal energy but has yet to fully exploit those resources. With the help of advanced technologies and experience of other countries, power could be generated, according to  Grybauskaitė, from the geothermal waters of western Lithuania. At present, Lithuania has only one geothermal power plant, Geoterma in Klaipėda, of very limited capacity.

“The Nordic countries are well-advanced in developing alternative energy,” President Grybauskaitė said. “Being situated on the zone of the European-American tectonic plate fracture, Iceland takes advantage of its unique geological structure – it uses geyser heat to produce geothermal energy. This is an example how inventively and efficiently energy sector can be managed and Lithuania should follow this example.”

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