Frankfurt Motor Show 2011: Yo Auto Ë-Concept

We’re not quite sure what to think of the new vehicle released by Russian manufacturer Yo Auto at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011. On one hand, the unique design of the car, called the Ë-Concept, is stylish and features a bizarre sliding door frame we’ve never seen on a vehicle before, but on the other hand, news of the program has been a bit too scarce to make a final decision about performance.

We covered news of the automaker last year, noting that Mikhail Prokhorov, literally one of the richest people in the entire world, was backing the company with $200 million of his own funds. And until now, details about the company’s plans have been slow to be released to the public.

Yo Auto, Ë-Concept, Russia, Concepts, Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

image via Yo Auto

At this point, it’s unclear whether the Ë-Concept is an electric vehicle or not, as even the video below only highlights the innovative sliding door design, which is nice, but only a minor feature when consumers are purchasing a new car. It has been reported, however, that it may be built upon a hybrid platform.

Yo Auto has at least made a replica of the Ë-Concept for the international automobile convention, seen in the photo below, but if the concept vehicle will ever be put into production remains to be seen.

Yo Auto, Ë-Concept, Russia, Concepts, Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

image via Yo Auto

The other cars featured at the show that were announced last year are said to be hybrids, and from the videos embedded below (which are in Russian), the new five-seat vehicle, called the Ë-Crossover, seems to run on compressed natural gas, and perhaps be more like a plug-in hybrid.

With a stated top speed of roughly 80 miles per hour and a range of over 400 miles, the Ë-Crossover is set for release in 2012. At least, we hope. Our Russian language skills are admittedly not the best. Dosvedanya!

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