Frankfurt Motor Show 2011: Technical University of Munich MUTE

Unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011, the Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM), or Technical University of Munich, debuted the school’s concept called the MUTE, a project that seeks to make a mass-production electric vehicle comparable to the cost of a standard gasoline car, and program we covered earlier this year.

The all-electric MUTE was the product of over 20 different departments and 200 staff at the university working together to build an electric car from top to bottom. Weighing barely over 1,100 pounds, the carbon-fiber MUTE is equipped with a 15 kilowatt electric motor that also serves as the car’s generator, and has a decently impressive top speed of almost 75 miles per hour.

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image via TU Muenchen

Although the MUTE has only enough room to fit two adults and luggage space, it does have range of 62 miles, similar to other types of lower-cost electric cars now on the market, thanks to a lithium-ion battery system and a zinc-air battery that can be used as a reserve energy source.

More information about the concept car project, including the team behind the new vehicle, can be found on the university’s website dedicated to the MUTE program.

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