Frankfurt Motor Show 2011: Husqvarna E-Bike

Husqvarna, a subsidiary motorcycle brand of BMW, has announced a new electric bike concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011. The company is calling the electric vehicle the Concept E-go, and is looking to target younger buyers by saying “urban traffic will seem like a videogame” on the new product. We assume, of course, they don’t mean mowing grannies down on sidewalks for points style games.

While the videogame analogy may or may hold water, the electric bicycle looks more like an all-electric dirt bike than a standard commuter two wheel designed for the urban jungles of the world.

Husqvarna Concept E-go, BMW, Husqvarna, Electric Vehicles, Electric Bicycles, Frankfurt Motor 2011

image via BMW

As the bike is only a concept at this point, few details and performance specifications are available, but the company says the vehicle would weigh under 180 pounds and feature a mostly aluminum frame and 35 mm inner-tube wheels.

No word yet on if Husqvarna actually plans to make production versions of the E-go, but we have seen other automakers, like Smart, get in on the e-bike market, so perhaps it’s only a matter of time before we’ll see models from Toyota, Honda, and others.

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