EVs For Rent: Hertz Moving Into China

Car rental giant Hertz recently announced it will bring its electric rental car business and the industry’s supporting infrastructure – charging stations and maintenance facilities – to China. The move is part of a pilot program supported by the Chinese government to kick start the electric vehicle (EV) industry in the country.

Hertz said they have entered into an alliance with GE Energy Solutions China. GE will provide upgrades to the project’s electric infrastructure as well as charging facilities for Hertz’s effort. GE will also assist Hertz in creating a new business model to market EVs in China.

BYD e6

image via BYD

Hertz has also inked a deal with China’s largest car manufacturer, BYD. The partnership allow Hertz to rent and sell BYD’s e6 to Chinese consumers, government agencies and municipalities. The e6 will be the first EV for rent in China. In addition, the agreement means that Hertz is the first rental company to offer EVs on three continents.

The agreements are part of China’s International EV Pilot City, in Shanghai. The effort has the goal of supporting the burgeoning Chinese EV industry by raising awareness and building infrastructure. The current partners in the program include automakers, EV supply chain participants, energy suppliers and insurance companies.

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