Energy-Saving Info From Consumer Reports

For those of us who associate Consumer Reports with our parents’ generation, the venerable association producing this report would like us to know there’s a wealth of info on green appliances, electronics and renewable energy systems in its latest edition.

Among its findings: Some of the best appliances and electronics now on the market are also among the most efficient, but the energy efficiency claims of some manufacturers are little more than hype. The report also emphasizes that while new appliances, in most cases, are more efficient than older ones, the new crop of smart appliances on the market will only save you cash if your utility has installed smart metering technology in your home.

energy savings tips, Consumer Reports

image via Consumer Reports

The reports reminds us that, starting this year, that old blue and white Energy Star seal of approval from the Environmental Protection Agency means a little more, as it now requires third party testing for all qualifying appliances and electronics.

The October edition of Consumer Reports also includes the publication’s first-ever report on wind turbines designed for residential use.

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