Audi Introduces A2 Concept In Frankfurt

With the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 set to kick off, luxury automobile manufacturer Audi is releasing details of a concept vehicle called the A2, which will make its public debut on September 13 at the international car convention in Germany.

The A2 is a four-seat electric vehicle roughly 12.5 feet long, 5.5 feet wide and 5 feet tall, and features some high-end features one would expect from Audi, including key-less entry, LEDs, touch-screen controls, and a red light bar display on the back of the sporty car that moves up and down indicating how strong the driver is using the brakes.

Audi A2, Audi, Electric Cars, Electric Vehicles, Concepts, Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

image via Audi

The A2 is said to be an all-electric car, but so far details of the powertrain have yet to be released. Audi is claiming the car will have “agile performance” and a “long range,” however, those figures can vary wildly in electric cars.

If Audi hopes to turn heads in Germany, we suspect the A2 will have a range of at 60 miles or more to be comparable to the Nissan Leaf that has a 100 mile range, or perhaps a range of almost 200 miles should the manufacturer look to compete with a brand like Tesla Motors.

Audi A2, Audi, Concepts, Electric Cars, Electric Vehicles, Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

image via Audi

As you can see in the concept image above, there is a touch-screen monitor inside the steering wheel, which we assume will display fuel, speed, and other driving information. There is also a touch-screen monitor just to the right of the driving column which folds-up after the A2 is started, and we assume will include stereo control, GPS navigation, and non-essential tasks.

From the image below, it looks like the driver has the option of storage space in the center console unit or under the passenger’s seat, since there is, apparently, not a traditional glove compartment in the A2.

Audi A2, Audi, Concepts, Electric Cars, Electric Vehicles, Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

image via Audia

Instead of a standard truck, the A2 has cargo space room in the rear like many modern sport-utility style cars, and at roughly 15 feet, the A2 is about as long as the A4 sedan that the company released a few years ago.

According to the news release, the rear passenger seats also have storage space under the seats, and have approximately enough space between the individual chairs the front seats to fit an average bicycle with its front wheel removed.

Audi A2, Audi, Concepts, Electric Cars, Electric Vehicles, Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

image via Audi

From the images above, it looks like fitting four full-size adults inside the car may be a bit cramped, but probably no more so than a car like the Toyota Scion. As more details about the A2 become available, we’ll be sure to release coverage of the car, along with Audi’s other car debuting at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 – an urban concept vehicle that is currently without a name.

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