T-Van Concept Not Your Granny’s RV

Dream of retiring to the freewheeling RV lifestyle, but cringe at the carbon footprint? The T-Van concept van might one day offer a greener alternative (along with some pretty rad styling).

This concept design was one of the top entries in the United Kingdom‘s Caravan of the Future competition. It features a fuel efficient, bullet-like shape for maximum aerodynamics on the open road. Greenlaunches reports that the vehicle was designed to fold out while stationary, giving it the characteristic ‘T’ shape for which it was named. Solar panels on the roof of the vehicle supply juice whether it’s parked or in motion, sustaining the vehicle’s appliances and lighting.

T-Van concept

image via Caravan of the Future

Exterior, illuminated grab bars make expanding the T-Van simple and easy, and double rear doors enable wheelchair access. It is capable of accommodating six persons within its multifunctional, fully expanded living areas.

T-Van RV concept

image via Caravan of the Future

The T-Van is the brainchild of industrial designers Chris and Andrew Johnson, who created the T-Van concept as their answer to the future of caravanning (i.e., living in an RV).

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