New Wind Farm Now Powered Up In Maine

Penobscot County, Maine got the new 60 megawatt (MW) Rollins Wind Farm recently. Built by First Wind, the wind farm will produce enough energy to power about 23,000 homes each year. The Rollins Wind Farm is the fourth First Wind project in Maine, and brings its total wind energy production to 185 MW of electricity, or enough to power 75,000 homes at capacity.

The wind farm initially gained a 20-year electricity contract with Maine’s Public Utilities Commission in 2009. Official construction of the farm’s 40 turbines began in late 2010, which spurred the creation of over 500 jobs.

rollins wind farm via first wind

Image via First Wind

The area surrounding the wind farm, which includes the towns of Lincoln, Burlington, Lee and Winn, has seen a what some say is a decent boost in the local economy as a result of the wind farm. Besides the jobs created with its construction, it is estimated the Rollins Wind project will contribute about $24 million in tax revenues for the four neighboring communities over a 30-year period, and continuing operations at the site will lead to further local business activity.

The plant has a total of 40 GE 1.5 MW wind turbines installed on the ground.

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    G. Alan Woods

    That “article” is straight from a First Wind press release. Take with a grain of salt.

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