Green Speaker Concept Promises Quality

If you happen to be an eco-conscious audiophile, a new concept from United Kingdom designer Archie Nicoll might interest you as much as it does us. Dubbed the E3 Sustainable Speakers, the potential product’s base is made of laminated Australian mahogany, which are meant to be saved even after the speaker cones are worn down.

In fact, the unit is meant to be shipped with additional cones to encourage reuse and recycling. Together, two 5 watt, opened-back satellite speakers and one 10 watt subwoofer, each with a replacement cone, make up the final product. Although an AC power cable is needed, a wireless device in the subwoofer transmits signal to the two smaller speakers and a computer, giving the whole device a clean look.

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image via Archie Nicoll

We’ve covered several similar devices here at EarthTechling lately, and like the E3 Sustainable Speakers, most include the option for an iPod dock, like the solar powered speakers. But, if you want a really green way to blast tunes, we’ve seen a product that resonates sounds through wood, and even one that is simply a hollow tube of bamboo.

At this point, the mahogany speakers are only a concept, but if they were to be made, designer Nicoll hopes the units would retail between $100 and $170.

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