GE Unveils LEED Platinum Data Center

GE Appliances and Lighting has opened its first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum certified data center. The facility is located at GE’s Appliance Park Headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky.

Of all of the LEED certified buildings worldwide, only six percent hold the Platinum designation, which is the highest of LEED standards. Data center emission worldwide are on the rise, growing faster than any other type of emissions. A McKinsey & Company study estimates that carbon dioxide emissions from data centers will quadruple by 2020, surpassing even emissions by the airline industry.

Via GE

The building’s features include high-efficiency cooling systems and high-density servers, which means more servers can fit within a smaller area that uses less energy to cool.  Water consumption in the building is also reduced by approximately 42 percent because of low-flow fixtures. And, 35 percent of the annual energy consumption is purchased through off-site renewable energy sources.

Also factoring into the Platinum certification was the construction methods used on the data center. GE used an existing building rather than starting from scratch. Green construction methods included sourcing more than 50 percent of construction materials locally, building with 30 percent recycled materials and diverting 85 percent of construction materials from going into the landfill.

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