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If you’re as interested in concepts as we are here at EarthTechling, you’ll love the designs coming out of Italian automaker Ferrari’s global student competition. We first spotted news of the winning entries from the Ferrari World Design Contest 2011 over on the Designboom blog, which has a lot of great photos worth checking out.

Over 400 designs from 50 different universities around the globe submitted entries to this year’s competition, which closed in February of this year. Out of all of the entries, only seven universities passed into the second round where software company Autodesk supplied its software, Alias, to participating students to develop 3D models. Finally, three finalist were chosen for their work on a futurist hypercar that would reflect a modern driver.

Ferrari, Concepts, Hybrids, Korea

image via Ferrari

First place in the Ferrari competition was award to Kim Cheong Ju, Ahn Dre, and Lee Sangseok from Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea for their hybrid concept called Eternita, a scaled-model of which can be seen in the photo above. The Eternita forgoes a traditional battery for a flywheel kinetic energy storage system that helps power a superconductive motor that works with a hydrogen generator.

Second place went to Samir Sadikhov from IED in Turin, Italy for his ultra-sleek, super-speed vehicle that features a retractable spoiler that emerges from the hood of the vehicle when the car hits speeds over 120 miles per hour.

Ferrari, Concepts, Hybrids, London

image via Ferrari

The winning entry for third place is a bit odd, but none-the-less fun. Henry Cloke and Qi Haitao from London’s Royal College of Art submitted a biofuel hybrid with a constantly running electric motor that’s specifically designed to travel at high speeds across ice. Seen in the photo above, the car is stylish, however, incredibly specialized to the point of being somewhat impractical.

Finally, a special Jury Award was given to Pan Dai, Zhou Yimin, and Wu Jia from Jiangnan University in China for their unique approach to vehicle design, which included a powertrain that combined micro wind power turbines along with four electric motors and a diesel tank that would allow for a hybrid or all-electric mode.

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    Stunning design, look so futuristic! I’ve always have a dream of having one, since I cannot afford one I’m great with just my mini collection of them. But those designs were beyond what I thought for a ferrari, pretty amazing. Congrats to the winner!

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